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Anne P | Submitted 20 Oct 2011
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We now have a cozy organic bedroom

A few years back we got some pillows and blankets from Cozypure. We bought the latex plush mattress six months ago and never realized how crappy our old bed really was until we started sleeping on our new cozypure bed. About two weeks ago we received the wool comforter and everything together is unbelievably comfortable and so cozy. Love waking up r ested and my husband doesn't get stuffed up anymore. Just like a lot of the other people here we also LOVE our Lanoodle pillows!! I guess the only negative is that the mattress is REALLY heavy. We have a king size and the box arrived busted up a bit but no damage to the mattress inside. Overall this has been one of the best purchases I ever made because of the comfort and quality and I know it will last me a VERY long time. PS Also appreciate they are made in the USA. Thank you!

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Manufacturers of the best organic mattresses and bedding made from natural latex, wool and organic cotton.

Quality, comfort, durability and aesthetics using beautiful textiles made from sustainable resources for products actually made to last decades. Over twenty-five years in business speicializing in healthy sleep.

If you're looking for the best latex mattress and organic cotton bedding, then you found it here at CozyPure - Organic comfort made fresh daily in the USA.

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Lynn 1 Nov 2017

Checkout confirmation doesn't have clear line items.

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Sue L 8 Aug 2017

You have made it very easy to order online. Thank you!

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Ashley - AL - United States 16 May 2017

For about 2 years, I shopped online for a well-priced, ALL-natural bed so that when my husband and I bought our first house, we could upgrade to the perfect king bed. I looked at many companies, and of course it is difficult because some organic bed producers only have one showroom, and it is too hard to travel to them all. I didn't actually go to a single showroom - I'm from the south and most are in the New England or west coast areas. After much research, I decided that I wanted a pure latex mattress with no poly-foams, fillers, or chemicals, and that I wanted the temperature-regulating properties of wool. I knew I wanted the whole bed to be natural, no polyester stuffed pillows or comforter. I wanted organic pillows, organic comforter, everything organic. You spend so much of your life sleeping, you want it to be a place where you can relax and rest, not a place where you're absorbing toxic chemicals and uncomfortable all night.
I talked to customer service on the phone and they patiently answered my long list of questions about materials, their 100 day promise, 30 year warranty, Sri Lanka, everything and anything I asked.

I highly recommend their Luxury Hotel package. It comes with all the bedding - their wool comforter, their lanoodle latex topper, organic cotton sheets, 2 lanoodle pillows, and a 10" mattress. Here's the deal with it - they give you a 100 day trial period. First, they want you to sleep on it for at least 30 nights to get used to a latex mattress, then after that if you don't like it, they will work with you on getting different comfort layers to suit you. If still you aren't satisfied, they will return the mattress, but you pay for the bedding, which can be used with any bed that you end up getting, and it's very nice bedding.

We bought this bed without having tried it before, so we were somewhat worried, but I was pretty confident because of their 100 day promise. Honestly, we didn't need any time to adjust. It was wonderful from the first night.

One thing I was worried about was that the bed might have some rubbery smell, but there is absolutely no off-gassing or rubbery smell of any kind. This is a big plus! Once you start getting rid of artificial, synthetic, chemical "fragrances" in your house and improving your home's air quality, you NOTICE if things are putting off smells.

No matter what position I sleep in, this bed is supportive wherever I need support, and extremely comfortable. When I heard latex is "firm" I wasn't sure how firm it would be, but certainly with the lanoodle topper on top of our "medium" firmness mattress, it's incredible how supportive and comfy it is. We decided to get medium to have options because all of the mattresses are firm on the bottom side, and you can always switch them over to the firmer side if you want. I know that a firm bed is good for your back, you don't want something that sink or sags under you. Anyways, this bed is perfect. Maybe in the future if one of us had bad back troubles, we could flip the bed over to the firmer side. We have gone on vacation a few times since getting our bed, and when we're gone, we miss it terribly. It is so very comfortable. We have slept on guest mattresses with family that are either supportive but feel like sleeping on a thinly padded bed of rocks, or are very soft but sink like a floaty in a pool, giving in wherever there is pressure, rather than supporting you where you need it. This CozyPure bed is seriously the best of both worlds, and I had no idea it could be this good - I've never slept on a mattress this nice!

They have 2 types of mattresses, one type called organic, the other type is called natural. We actually bought the natural latex mattress. As it was explained to me by their customer service, they process both latex groups the same way, and the latex all comes from one farm in Sri Lanka where all the rubber trees are cared for in the same way. However, only parts of the farm have gone through the time and cost of becoming certified organic. Therefore, the latex produced in the non-certified areas is basically organic, but not certified organic. So, CozyPure markets it under the term "natural" to show a difference. Be aware, many places sell so-called organic items and have no certification, and can't even tell you why it's organic. However, this company gave me a very good understanding of how their labeling and process works, so I decided to get the natural mattress. There was about a $400 price difference for my king bed at the time of sale.

I would also strongly recommend their bed frames. These beds are very heavy, and you need a good, solid frame to put them on, with slats so the mattress can breathe. Our 10" king bed weighs in at ~200 lbs. It took me, my husband, and the FedEx delivery guy to get it up our front stairs into the house. So, they don't do a good job of showing on their site how much support this frame has. But, it has 15 thin wooden slats that support the bed's weight evenly, and 2 beams (for king size, i'm not sure about smaller sizes) that support it at about the 1/3 and 2/3 portion of the way across the frame, so no middle leg is necessary. This provides very even support, so I'm not worried about it breaking if we sit on it (like I've seen in reviews from other cheap frames online), or about feeling lumps in the bed due to the frame. Think about it- this bed frame is supporting 500+ lbs a night between the mattress, my husband, and I. I price shopped, and found their price for frames to be very good, considering that shipping (&tax) is included in the price, and that it's solid oak construction. You need a slat frame for the bed to breathe, and you need enough slats to support the tremendous weight of the bed, most others I've seen for sale have 3-4 slats, some have 10. They really have a great construction for this frame. Full stars for the bed frame, as a separate review! I got the Studio Bed Frame, which costs the least, but has a simple design, made of oak, very clean looking.

My husband and I have been sleeping on our bed for about 6 months now, and we absolutely love it. Still almost every night, we talk to each other about how comfortable it is as we're getting in for the night. One of my friends said something about (most conventional) mattresses like, if you want a bed with a big fluffy rut in the middle, get a king size. Well, the topper is detachable, so you can always fluff it if a "rut" does develop - this is an awesome feature. I noticed after I had been sick for a week with a cough that made it hard for me to sleep, that I had tossed and turned so much that I had indeed pushed the lanoodles out of my area of the topper. Well, it was really easy to just fluff them back over when I washed the sheets that week, and it was back to brand-new condition for a topper (there is kind of an art to practice getting the fluffing just right, but it does work). Their beds have a 30 YEAR warranty, which is awesome. We bought a 2nd bed, queen size for our toddler - we figure he'll grow into it.

Also, the wool comforter is wonderful. Feels so good as far as warmth and breathing and letting humidity out. In the winter, we were frugal about heating and sometimes had our bedroom around 55-58 degrees at night, because our bed was just warm enough with the blanket. In the summer, it does let humidity and sweat out waaaay better than a poly-filled comforter, which is amazing. My husband and I both prefer the weighted feel of a comforter over a quilt or thin blanket, so having a comforter that breathes is a blessing. We used to have to crank the A/C at night when we would wake up sweating in our old bed, but now we don't have to. It sounds weird to say wool can keep you cool, but it really does.

Overall, we are absolutely loving it!

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