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5 stars
E. G 11 Jan 2012
I love this company and their products!!

I bought the fitted organic cotton sheets and LOVE them!! They are the perfect sheet for warm or cold weather and they actually STAY put, unlike alot of other fitted sheets. I just placed my second order for a LaNoodle pillow, organic pillow sheet, and pillow cover. I especially feel great about my second order being all made in the USA!! Also, this company provides superior customer service!
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Manufacturers of the best organic mattresses and bedding made from natural latex, wool and organic cotton.

Quality, comfort, durability and aesthetics using beautiful textiles made from sustainable resources for products actually made to last decades. Over twently years in business speicializing in healthy sleep.

If you're looking for the best latex mattress and cotton bedding, then you found it here at CozyPure - Organic comfort made fresh daily in the USA.

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5 stars
Bren - OH, United States 13 Jun 2014

I made my order by phone because I had a few questions and Hans took the time to go over everything with me. When my mattress set arrived, I was thrilled. It is so comfy and I just love it. Thanks so much!

5 stars
Happy in C - CA, United States 10 Jul 2012

WOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!! Is all I can say. I was not able to visit the organic comfort zone because I live far away so I had to buy everything sight unseen (which was really scary!!). I had done quite a bit of research on the internet, visited a couple of other stores, and laid on some mattresses. I was having a really hard time deciding to go with a large competitor that had an organic facility but was MUCH more expensive, or to forgo that one difference and go with Cozypure. So glad I went with Cozypure. Everything is still organic and I feel like the whole organic facility thing is just a marketing tool. My mattress had been breaking down for a while (I had a pillowtop) and I was waking up every morning VERY stiff, with back pain and also hip pain (from an old running injury). I received the bed one week ago Friday but was not able to set it up until last Friday because I was painting my bedroom. I am not exaggerating when I say that in ONE NIGHT my hip pain was gone!!!!! I am not stiff at all when I wake up, and this has to be THE MOST COMFORTABLE BED I have EVER slept on. Hands down. I think about going home and lying in the bed while I am at work!!! lol Thank you so much to Hans for patiently answering my numerous calls and e-mails. I live in California and was hesitant about spending the money without being able to "test drive" the mattress. I am so glad I took the leap of faith. The money is not even an issue, the benefits WELL surpass the cost. I bought the la noodle topper, the wool comforter and the la noodle pillows. Wow, thank you SO MUCH Cozypure!!!! I will recommend you to everyone I know. You guys are awesome :)

5 stars
Beth - MA, United States 01 Aug 2013

So far, it's been great! I had a wonderful conversation with Hans and couldn't wait for your 4th of July special to appear in my inbox and hurray when it did! Thank you so much!
Update: Just got the topper last night and it was very comfortable. My body may take a bit to completely get used to it b/c it was very different than my hard mattress underneath! But, for the first time in a long time, I woke up without any significant hip and/or back discomfort - so I am very excited and hopeful!! Can't wait to tell you how it is going several months down the road! Thank you thank you!!

5 stars
pj - MD, United States 01 Mar 2014

I love crawling into my Cozy Pure bed at the end of the day. Sometimes I forget that I have this bed, and when I am tired and want to go to sleep, I see the bed and it makes me happy. I have the whole package and even got 2 extra pillows for Christmas. You spend â

5 stars
Rebecca K - MA, United States 23 May 2014

We love our cozypure mattress!!! I have wanted one for years and I am so happy with the investment. It is truly heavenly. I bought the hotel collection w sheets and comforter and pillows.

5 stars
Brett - CA, United States 16 Jun 2014

They've literally grabbed clouds out of the sky and sewn them together to make their mattresses.

5 stars
Janis k 12 Jun 2014

Excellent customer service. They were very responsive to my requests and were very helpful in tayloring the order to my needs. The products I received were outstanding and I'm planning another order to outfit my entire house in CozyPure comfort!

5 stars
Kathleen R - FL, United States 26 Sep 2012

I am excited to receive my mattress pad. I hope it is as wonderful as you say.
I received my mattress cover and am extremly happy with it. It is a bit oversized for shrinkage but Im sure it will shrink to be perfect! I highly recommend this. Your service and follow up have been of the highest level!
Thank you so much!

5 stars
Holly - VA, United States 22 May 2014

Our young son had been suffering with allergies and asthma for a few years. He coughed at night, all night long and rarely had a peaceful night of sleep. While working with a naturopath, we discovered that he was sensitive to formaldehyde, along with other chemicals and heavy metals. Much to our dismay and shock, we found that his mattress was made and coated with these hazardous materials. We immediately set out to buy him all organic bedding, to include an organic mattress from CozyPure. Within a couple of days of sleeping on the new mattress, the coughing completely stopped and he was able to get a better night of rest. The staff at CozyPure was so helpful and courteous and we received everything we ordered in a timely manner. I recommend CozyPure to my friends and family all the time!

5 stars
Carolyn W - MI, United States 17 Dec 2013

Love your products and service! Thank You!

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