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daniel 04 Jan 2012
Erg goede ervaring
Mijn ervaring met Tilaa is erg goed, de vps'en die geleverd worden staan snel tot je beschiking (max 20 minuten) en staan op goede hardware. De verbinding naar het internet is enorm snel 1gbit uplink. Enig minpunt is dat mijn VPS reeds 2x gereboot is je krijgt wel netjes een RCA maar zou toch liever voor de reboot horen dat hij gereboot wordt en nie
t erna. Maar mijn algemene ervaring is zeer goed. vakkundig goedkoop!
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5 stars
Anonymous Customer 10 May 2014

tnx that you are exist xD

5 stars
C. Oliver G - Kent, United Kingdom 01 Oct 2014

Tilaa represents an excellent self-service solution for anyone reasonably experienced in server administration.

Heartily recommended :-)

5 stars
Marlon de G 07 May 2014

We have several servers, very little problems over the past 2 years. I can only think of one single time a server crashed, but went up again within seconds. Very friendly sales and customer support over phone and e-mail.

5 stars
Martin C 07 May 2014

It is easy to choose and purchase the Tilaa VPS.
It is easy to upgrade the VPS.
Service is great and price is great also.
Had no problems with the VPS.
Tilaa, you are great!

5 stars
fritteli 07 May 2014

I am very happy with the services tilaa provides. I've never experienced any problem, and the one time I contacted customer support for an answer to a technical question, the response was very quick and helped me well. The server management interface on the website is extremely well designed. Administering, resizing and managing virtual servers is a piece of cake! Well done!

5 stars
Stanislav 07 May 2014

Good job, guys)

5 stars
Rob - Stockport, United Kingdom 07 May 2014

I find their services to be easy to use and I have no issues with the systems, they keep you informed about any little thing that could even cause a blip in connection, and keep you informed if things go wrong, I am happy I have stuck with them over the years.

5 stars
Frank 07 May 2014

They deliver what they promise and they respond fast to questions.

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