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daniel 04 Jan 2012
Erg goede ervaring
Mijn ervaring met Tilaa is erg goed, de vps'en die geleverd worden staan snel tot je beschiking (max 20 minuten) en staan op goede hardware. De verbinding naar het internet is enorm snel 1gbit uplink. Enig minpunt is dat mijn VPS reeds 2x gereboot is je krijgt wel netjes een RCA maar zou toch liever voor de reboot horen dat hij gereboot wordt en nie
t erna. Maar mijn algemene ervaring is zeer goed. vakkundig goedkoop!
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5 stars
Igor G - Hong Kong, Hong Kong 08 Jun 2013

Hello my friends, service is too much Great! Yesterday I tried to buy VPS from and I was waiting a PayPal invoice from 2 days, receiving from them unreadable emails. Those guys from they just don't what it is invoice, how to make an invoice for PayPal and so on. And I was waiting for a fixing and repairing control panel from already 3 days. Guy from is fully careless about his own company, and too much heavy for talking even a single word about his broken website (internal area for customers). So, had not sent me any invoice, and I tried to find another hosting company. I have an urgent case for my customer for showing him a development version of website. There were already three days passed, and no any of Big Monster Companies in Europe has not felt an interest to get a payment from me for VPS. And response by email from them had been too much slow (just one email per 24 hours). So, now I found company. I passed through registration process just in 5 minutes. Tilaa have all key features for VPS at the VPS options screen, that I need. And Tilaa even have Debian 7 that I like too much. So, after that, the payment process had taken just one minute. I hardly could belive in that, because I could not order any VPS from and during 3 days, while waiting an invoice from one and fixing control panel from another company! And my small VPS already has been running just in 10 munutes, exactly on Debian 7 as I wished. Everything took from me just no more than 30 minutes! Thank you very much, my friends, for great and prompt service! I really appreciate that. You do a good job and you know how to work everything out. I really like it. And your website is very nice and easy to use too. Pleasant design and useful ergonomic. Thank you very much, my friends! Have a nice day to all.

5 stars
Hans van E - Overijssel, Netherlands 12 Apr 2013

I'm hosting all my websites through Tilaa, as of end ****. I manage 2 VPS'es, they are performing blazing fast without any problems.
One of the sites serves easily 200 unique visits per second with a server load of *.**.
The support is great, quick and personal. No 9-to-5 mentality, but also reachable at the strangest hours, sometimes in the middle of the night. :-) Perfect, I can recommend it.

5 stars
Joris 04 Jul 2013

I had been using another VPS provider in the past, but had some issues, and switched to about one year ago. And even to this day I am amazed at how great their service is. Everything is automated, but if ever there is something that you do need personal help with, they reply in an instant. I am a very happy customer, planning to stay many more years!

5 stars
Tobi - SG, Switzerland 24 Jul 2013

Very fast reaction time on support issues. Could resolve every problem with the support team from tilaa within very short time.
First provider I know of that doubled the RAM of the VMs for the same price. They have very fast connections in DCs.

Last but not least: they seem to be carying about customers wishes. So they implemented a RescueMode and a Java-free display-mode for VMs. And traffic (IN and OUT) is free

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