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Sara 01 May 2013
I would like to get Info on sales
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Bubbles® Bodywear is the largest designer and manufacturer of padded underwear in the world today! Our exclusive shapewear designs and our patented and ground-breaking booty-boosting body shapers (like our Butt Boosting Bands Collection and our new Beach Bubbles) are the creation of Karen Jones, our Founder and CEO. As a result of her own needs as a not-so-curvy girl, Karen has been designing curve-enhancing solutions for men and women since founding Bubbles® in 2003.

It's not just about looking good in a pair of jeans. It's about feeling better, walking taller and having the courage to put ourselves in situations that we would otherwise avoid. Our ultimate and ongoing goal is to help our customers look their best...because when we look great, we feel great!

We consider Customer Service to be our best asset (behind our behinds, of course). We believe that our customers deserve quality products and open lines of communication. Please feel free to contact us with your comments, concerns, ideas and stories. We love to listen!

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5 stars
Jamie W - FL, United States 19 Dec 2013

I love my Bubbles :. Believe all of the good you hear about this company. They have an awesome product, fast shipping and I will be a life long customer.

5 stars
Lauren C 23 Jun 2013

Some women are blessed with curves (I am not) the product and silicone wrap enhancer has finally given them to me if only make-believe. Thank you for having a great product!

5 stars
Stacey - TX, United States 28 Oct 2013

Priya in the Live Chat room was great! Very patient and full of info! She stated that the item wouldn't be visible but that isn't true is some of my clothing. I'm finding that while this garment does work, it really only works with slacks and jeans.

5 stars
neha p 09 Apr 2014

I purchased this boxer shorts to give little shape and it its a wonderful product. its comfortable and people can't notice it. I love this product. thank you so much.

5 stars
dsokoh 27 Nov 2013


5 stars
Audrey B - NY, United States 29 Jul 2013

I haven't received the product yet, so can't say.

5 stars
Lisa - CA, United States 05 Sep 2013

The website was easy to use and I liked that I was able to read many reviews and view before and after pictures. The products came in the mail the next day which was great. I really do love the way my jeans look with my bubbles on. I purchased the boy shorts with the thicker padding. The only thing that I was hoping for is the padding to feel more realistic. The foam padding is rather dense. I am going to order the silicone pads right away because I look so good in my jeans with the bubbles on.

5 stars
Mikki 20 Sep 2014

easy to find what i needed

5 stars
Lillian P - NJ, United States 26 Aug 2013

My shopping expirience was awsome!!! Excellent padded underwear I am truly impressed on how realistic they look and feel. Iam super happy with my products.

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