Consumer Questionnaire

Customer Questionnaires can be a great way to get feedback from your clients, but the problem with most questionnaires is that most if not all of the information that is gathered is analyzed internally, so the public never sees the end results.

Why not utilize all of that informative and valuable data that you've collected in your customer questionnaire by actively displaying it on your site for all of your new potential customers to view?

At Shopper Approved, we excel at gathering customer reviews, ratings, and valuable feedback. But, unlike traditional questionnaires and surveys, our system gives you the ability actually display each review and rating gathered from previous customers, to new customers that visit your site.

When you display existing customer questionnaire data and feedback to new customers, you help to establish instant credibility and trust, which can actually increase sales because the feedback and reviews they read actually influences their decision to buy.

Simply put, customers expect more information. This is a huge trend that has evolved over the past couple years thanks to rating and review systems put in place by industry giants like and Ebay. In fact, ratings and reviews have become so important that according to a recent study, 86% of consumers read online business reviews before making purchasing decisions; 90% of whom say they trust these reviews. ( survey of 600 users, December 2008)

What this means is that if you're not actively displaying your customer questionnaire information or survey data, ratings, and reviews on your website, you may be missing out on a huge opportunity to influence potential buyers.

There's never been a better time to utilize all the good will and satisfaction that you provide to your customers on a regular basis, and the easiest, most effective way to do this is by adding Shopper Approved customer questionnaire to your website.

In just 5 minutes you can start collecting valuable customer satisfaction information, ratings, reviews, feedback and more!

Go ahead and sign up for our free trial and see for yourself first-hand what adding customer questions and answers to your website can do for you.