Consumer Ratings

Today's consumers are becoming smarter and more saavy all the time. They know that larger, more established websites have ratings and reviews to help them with their buying decisions.

But what if you're a small to medium company? How do you effectively gather and display consumer ratings and reviews that are so important in establishing credibility and influencing buying decisions?

Simple. You add Shopper Approved to your website.

By taking just 5 minutes and adding a few snippets of code to your site, you can start actively collecting valuable consumer ratings and reviews, which you can then leverage by placing those ratings and reviews directly in the purchasing path of new prospective consumers. This feedback fuels consumer decision-making to drive sales, decrease product returns, and build trust in your brand.

Insights gained from consumer ratings & reviews also help you understand how consumers buy, and where potential problems or issues in your checkout or shopping cart may be. By listening to the feedback and reviews of your consumers, you can dramatically improve your business.

Shopper Approved makes it easy to get started.

Our highly optimized and automated system is so effective that it gathers consumer ratings and/or reviews from nearly half of your customers! This means more social proof faster.

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